About us

Cycling with Gubałówka is a project of a new tourist attraction in Zakopane, which belongs to the Snowdoo Group and Butorowy RENTAL BIKE - we operate as a bike rental offering various downhill routes from the top of Gubałówka - our main base is Butorowy Wierch.

In our offer you will find adventure routes, gentle and scenic, but also family-friendly for parents with children. We have also prepared proposals for groups organized for company trips, integration trips and group programs. Each route has been developed for amateur cyclists, where you spend your time eco, ride and admire the beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains.

It is you who decides which way you are going and how long it differs from other rentals from you depends on what time you will defeat a given route.

We offer our clients the highest quality GIANT brand equipment. In the starting base at your disposal we give the best bicycle specialists who will help bikes, advise and explain everything in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. A unique bicycle project in Zakopane is carried out under the Zjazd.pl brand - we cordially invite you to Gubałówka.