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Ride an E-BIKE trough Zakopane city and mountains - Bikedoo Adventure

There are different ways to explore Zakopane. Bicycle tours are one of them. While being in the mountains, it is worth spending as much time as possible, enjoying the fresh air. The surroundings are charming, and this one of the main reasons why people are visiting Zakopane so eagerly. The great idea is to combine what is nice with what is useful. That is why we offer bike trips during which you can enjoy the unique climate and landscapes, but also oxygenate the body and take care of your fitness.

What about a physical condition?

For sure, everyone who wants to visit the Tatra Mountains and browses on the web about this gets information on how to spend a successful holiday. Just type in Google "Zakopane attractions," and you will find plenty of different articles.

Indeed, people who ride a bicycle occasionally and do not have the excellent physical condition may have problems with climbing a mountain route. We have many paths, there are also uncomplicated ones, intended for amateurs, but often this does not encourage trips. Some people give up at once and prefer not to get on the bike, thinking that they will run out of strength soon. However, we have great news for them! You don't have to be in great shape to enjoy a ride on a two-wheeler! It is enough to replace a traditional vehicle with an e-bike. Simple right?

A bike equipped with an electric drive allows you to traverse demanding routes, it offers a great simplicity, although riding on it still requires muscle strength. It is undoubtedly a plus because we provide the body with a portion of physical exertion, and thus we care for health.

City and surroundings ...

A ride through the streets of Zakopane gives a lot of joy. You can see beautiful architecture, meet new people, and simply enjoy the magic of the city under the Giewont mountain. Rent an E-BIKE and explore the popular Krupowki Street. It is full of gastronomic establishments, selling stands, and it has a specific atmosphere that can enchant tourists.

When you get bored with the bustle of the city, and you want a small escape from it. There is nothing else to do but visit the Tatra National Park - a special place that you will be delighted with. It has routes specifically for bike riders. We recommend, for example, the trail from Kuznice to the "Polana Kalatowki", or the section from "Siwa Polana" to the shelter on the "Polana Chocholowska". Needless to say, the landscapes that await you in the Tatra National Park are unbelievable. Riding an E-BIKE through scenic pathways brings you tons of relaxation and a wide smile.

If you plan a trip and ask yourself - what to do in Zakopane? Remember about tours on E-BIKES, their advantages, and the opportunities they give.

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