ZJAZD.pl - from Gubalowka mountain to Krupowki street - is attraction #1 for the summer!

Pick up a bike, kolobezka, or an E-BIKE on the top of Gubalowka Mountain and drop it off in the city center!

START: Gubalowka
ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Quad bikes Base)

GOAL: Krupowki street
ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

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we are located in a Zakopane city center close to Kropowki street

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Do you have a car on Gubalowka?
It is OKAY! Come to our base at Gubalowka (ul. Droga Zubka 40) and try one of our activities. We will take you to Gubalowka mountain so you can get your car. Transfer is FREE!

Gubalowka Attractions

A special place in Zakopane is Gubalowka Mountain. When planning a trip, you must take this place into account and spend enough time on it to take advantage of the attractions it offers.

Of course, the first attraction is unbelievably beautiful views. At sunrise and sunset, in spring, summer, autumn, and winter - what we see with our eyes from the summit cannot be put in words. Gubalowka Mountain is one of the most famous viewpoints in Zakopane. Importantly, it is not very high, therefore, very accessible. You can access it on foot or get on the PKL cable car to the top in a few minutes. You can even get there with a baby-carriage. Parents traveling with their children can go ahead and take them to the top. It's the perfect plan for family relaxation. From Gubalowka Mountain, you can see the following mountains: Giewont, Nosal, Kopa Magura, Maly Kopieniec, Wielki Kopieniec, the Olczyska Valley, Waksmundzki Wierch, Kozi Wierch, Swinica, Kasprowy Wierch. Everyone will appreciate the scenery: mountain lovers and those who are just getting to know their charm, sensitive to the beauty of nature, and those who think that nothing can impress them.

Something more than views

Zakopane - Gubalowka - type it into the search engine and find valuable information on the attractions of this pace. We quickly find out that fairy-tale landscapes are not the only thing that Gubalowlka mountain has to offer. There is plenty of going on at the top and nobody will feel bored there. In addition to shopping and tasting delicious regional dishes, you can spend your time on different attractions available on the top. In winter, it is skiing, ice skating, or great fun in a modern snow park.

In the summer - we have different events and concerts. Also, a gravitational slide, which is a downhill ride reaching a speed of 23km/h, brings a lot of smiles, there is also a rope park where you can get a boost of adrenaline. Relaxing on the sun lounger and watching the surroundings of the highest beach in Poland is a lot of fun. Gubalowka - attractions for children - it is worth getting acquainted with this section and look for entertainment suitable for children. During the holidays, various activities are organized, maybe your baby will like painting on glass, clay molding, or dancing.

Answering to the question - what to do on Gubalowka? Well, there is a lot of activities. Everyone will find something that will engage him and make him return to the top of this famous mountain during his next visit to the city under the Giewont Mountain.