Gubalowka - chair lift

To be in Zakopane and not be on the famous Gubalowka Mountain would be a severe mistake. This peak is, after all, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Tatra Mountains. Hikers will surely go on the Gubalowka Mountain. Just wear comfortable shoes and go along the trail. But even those who do not want or cannot go on foot, have the other ways of getting there to spend time at the top.

You have an option to use a PKL cable car, or Gubalowka chair lift. Both exciting ways to get on the top and at the same time discover something new. Many tourists decide on the second option because then they can breathe fresh mountain air get the feeling of having beautiful surroundings at their fingertips. The Gubalowka chair lift offers a longer journey than the funicular, which is a particular benefit. A dozen or so minutes spent above the ground allows you to enjoy the specific climate, become conscious of the power of mountains, and completely detach from reality. The chair lift takes us to Butorowy Wierch, from where in about 40 minutes. we pass along "Szlak Papieski" to Gubalowka.

Not only the views

Of course, the TOP reason why tourists visit the Gubalowka peak is the views of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane. You can watch them for long hours and be satisfied with the experience. However, it is worth knowing that the summit has much more to offer. In winter, the is peak is well visited by slopes skiers and ice skaters. While in the summer, you have a very popular gravity slide with a serpentine route or a rope park that can give you a fair portion of adrenaline. There is no shortage of attractions for young and old tourists. Being at the top of Gubalowka, you can also go shopping and enjoy delicious regional dishes.

When it's time to come back

On the TOP of Gubalowka, it is so interesting that it is hard to force yourself to leave it. Still, when you finally have to do it, you should think about additional entertainment. Since we have reached the summit by chair lift, we can go back somehow different, more active. We recommend a bicycle or kolobezka downhill ride. This activity will give you a lot of fun. bicycle rental company on Gubalowka. Not only a reliable vehicle, but we also get a route going down adjusted to our liking. Some are best for amateurs and families with children, others will please experienced cyclists. A bike trip is a great idea, a dose of physical effort will release endorphins and will benefit your well-being. Enjoying the surroundings on a two-wheeler is a fantastic experience.

You pick up the equipment at bike rental, and it is located on top of Gubalowka mountain and the drop of which is our office, is in the center of Zakopane:


    ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)

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    ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

You rent a bike on the top of Gubalowka mountain. After finishing your adventure, you comfortably leave it in the center of Zakopane. is the # 1 attraction for summer in Zakopane - you will discover Zakopane that you didn't know so far!