How to get on the top of the Gubalowka Mountain?

Gubalowka is a peak that you just have to visit while visiting Zakopane. The place is unique. Its strength is, of course, beautiful views. And admiring them usually lasts quite a long time, because it is not so easy to take your eyes off the fairytale scenery. It calms us, relaxes, and allows us to forget about everything.

Gubalowka Drive to

There a few ways that you can drive to the foot of Gubalowka mountain. You can choose to go by bus or by car from the village of Koscielisko or from Poronin. Near the foot of the hill, you have several parking lots available, including parking - ul. Walowa Góra, located 50 m from the PKL cable railway bottom station, parking - ul. Szkolna, 180 m away from the bottom station, or parking - ul. Łukaszówki, located 1 km from the PKL cable railway bottom station.

Gubalowka Enter on TOP

You can use a PKL cable railway to get to the top of the Gubalowka mountain. Its bottom station is located in the center of Zakopane. There you can take a seat in a comfortable carriage, and reach the top in almost 4 minutes. The views that this short ride is offering are amazing Many people would prefer the journey to last much longer. The carriage is adapted to transport trolleys, so you can easily take your children with you, and they also can appreciate the magical world of the mountains.

Another option is to use the chair lift, which will take us to Butorowy Wierch, from this place we will go along the "Szlak Papieski" and in approx. 40 min. you can reach Gubalowka Top. The lift to the Butorowy Wierch lasts several minutes, during which we can enjoy the unique landscapes. Beautiful nature, open space, fresh air, and unusual atmosphere, it's definitely worth to take a lift.

Hike UP

People who like to hike in the mountains will choose one of the tracks leading from Zakopane to Gubalowka. The black trail leads along the PKL cable railway. You can also decide for the blue trail to Michny, located east of the Gubalowka Mountain, and then follow the road along with the yellow and red signs. Another suggestion is the blue trail leading from the Szymoszkowa Glade through Butorowy Wierch.

Gubalowka Downhill ride

It is worth making every journey more attractive. Therefore, when it is time to leave the Gubalowka peak, let's go to the bike rental, choose the right route adapted to our capabilities and ride downhill on the two-wheeler. The ride will give a lot of positive emotions. This type of activity is an exciting way to spend time with children who love to get active in the fresh air. Delight yourself with these lovely surroundings, we always want more of these.

You pick up the equipment at bike rental, and it is located on top of Gubalowka mountain and the drop of which is our office, is in the center of Zakopane:


    ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)

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    ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

You rent a bike on the top of Gubalowka mountain. After finishing your adventure, you comfortably leave it in the center of Zakopane. is the # 1 attraction for summer in Zakopane - you will discover Zakopane that you didn't know so far!