Gubalowka Parking

Gubalowka Parking

While being in Zakopane, we try to plan the time in a way that we can spend as much time as possible outside. We want to get to know the city's attractions, feel its atmosphere and above all, enjoy the unimaginably beautiful landscapes. For this purpose, we visit the nearby Mountains. One of them is Gubalowka. Many people say that if you visited the city under Giewont and did not go on the Gubalowka Mountain, you lost a lot.

If you want to go to the PKL railway (bottom station) by car, you would be better off to get to know the parking offer. You have several options to choose from, including parking - ul. Walowa Góra, located 50 m from the PKL cable railway bottom station, parking - ul. Szkolna, 180 m away from the base station, or parking - ul. Łukaszówki, located 1 km from the PKL cable railway bottom station.

Up and Down

You can reach the top of Gubalowka mountain on foot. The route is not challenging, and it should not be difficult for anyone. This hike is an opportunity to enjoy gorgeous views. It is a walk full of pleasant impressions. Although the same vision and feeling, you can get while traveling by a comfortable, modern PKL cable car. The cable car goes on the top in a few minutes, you can also choose this option.

On top of Gubalowka, it is hard to get bored. In addition to its stunning vista, the peak offers other attractions. The mountain is known by fans of skiing on the slopes, who eagerly come there in winter. Also, in the summertime, there is a gravitational slide. There are children's playgrounds, you can rent a deckchair and lie around. You should also try regional dishes and go shopping.

Once we decide it's time to come back. Instead of a ride by train, we suggest you go to the bike rental company - The company offers rent of bicycles and kolobezka. You can choose one of several routes. Experienced cyclists, amateurs, and parents traveling with children - everyone will find the track that suits them and make the day more attractive. A bike trip is a great idea. It combines pleasantry and benefit - we relax, enjoy landscapes, and care for our health and well-being.

You pick up the equipment at bike rental, and it is located on top of Gubalowka mountain and the drop of which is our office, is in the center of Zakopane:


    ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)

  • GOAL

    ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

You rent a bike on the top of Gubalowka mountain. After finishing your adventure, you comfortably leave it in the center of Zakopane. is the # 1 attraction for summer in Zakopane - you will discover Zakopane that you didn't know so far!