Gubalowka PKL Railway

PKL railway station

Practically everyone who comes to Zakopane should consider visiting the Gubalowka mountain. A peak located at 1,126 m above sea level. This is one of the most interesting and famous sites in the Tatra mountains.

The summit can be reached on foot, but we recommend using a cable car. The journey takes less than 4 minutes. You can find all the details about tickets and prices on the internet, just type - Gubalowka PKL Railway Station.

PKL Gubalowka - some interesting information

It is worth noting that the railway was established in 1938, and its construction lasted less than 170 days. It was the second railway of this type in our country, right after the one that is located in Krynica-Zdroj. Its task was not only to transport tourists but also residents and supplies. The first wagons were delivered by a Swiss company.

In 2001, the railway underwent thorough modernization. The new wagons are comfortable, modern, and have a glass roof, which makes it easier to enjoy the views. It can accommodate about 120 people at once. The ride gives you a lot of positive feelings. Riding up for 300 meters allows you to get excited about the scenery you start to see. We guarantee that you will remember this short journey and will recommend it to your friends.

Where exactly is the Gubalowka funicular? Its bottom station is located in the center of Zakopane, the street that leads to the PKL bottom station is "ul. Na Gubalowke", it is a market street that is full of gastronomic points and souvenir stalls. The street is an extension of Krupowki street.

And on the top....

Tourists who visit the Gubalowka mountain, spend a lot of time enjoying the scenery. This is quite understandable. In spring, summer, autumn, or winter - landscapes are always fabulous. However, on the top, you can also go shopping or try delicious meals from regional cuisine. A big attraction from April to November is the gravitational slide. You slide down on carts that reach a speed of 23 km / h. In summer, various activities are organized for children at Gubalowka, including art. In the winter, however, you can enjoy skiing stunts from the perspective of a comfortable deckchair. You can't get bored at this summit!

Going back

You will like the cable railway. Still, returning way should be a little more interesting. It is worth choosing a different, more active means of transportation, just to make it more interesting. We advise you to take advantage of the bike rental offer, rent a bike and use it to go downhill and then drop it off at Krupowki street. A bicycle ride is an amazing adventure. There are several beautiful routes to choose from, with varying degrees of difficulty. Therefore, both amateurs and experienced cyclists will find something for themselves. A portion of outdoor activities will be useful to everyone. While traveling through mountainous areas on a bike, we take care of our condition, test our abilities, and at the same time, have fun, and enjoy fascinating landscapes.


You pick up the equipment at bike rental, and it is located on top of Gubalowka mountain and the drop of which is our office, is in the center of Zakopane:


    ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)

  • GOAL

    ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

You rent a bike on the top of Gubalowka mountain. After finishing your adventure, you comfortably leave it in the center of Zakopane. is the # 1 attraction for summer in Zakopane - you will discover Zakopane that you didn't know so far!