Gubalowka Trail

Let's go on the Gubalowka

Gubalowka mountain, as one of the most famous peaks in Zakopane, cannot be omitted during your vacation. Although the city near Giewont is exciting and draws us with many attractions, you need to make time for the trip to the Gubalowka mountain. Hiking will be a thrilling experience. It will allow you to feel the unique atmosphere of the mountains. Stay close to the fascinating nature and observe captivating scener, it will give you energy and enable you to relax and delight. Also, there will be various entertainment options at the top, including rope park, gravitational slides, or children's playground. It is no surprise at all that the search term - Gubalowka trail - is so frequently searched by people who are planning a rest.

Start from Krupowki street

You can start your trip to the Gubalowka peak from the famous Krupowki street. If you are standing at the same level as "Kościoł św. Rodziny", go along the black signs. As we walk we pass the Tatra Museum, "Kościół Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej", and a hospital. Then we reach Gładczyński Potok, and soon we are in open space starting our hike up the mountain. A moment of a walk along the forested slope, and we are at the PKL funicular track and walk along with it. We notice that it is getting steeper. We enter a small forest, and in less than 30 minutes, we reach the goal, i.e., to the top of the mountain. The Gubalowka trail from Zakopane is not tricky. Going up is a lot of fun and an opportunity to enjoy the climate, fresh air, and scenery.

Tourists who are craving for more exertion and would like to go further can move on. At a distance of about 2 km from Gubalowka, there is another peak worth visiting - Butorowy Wierch. It is impossible to refuse a trip, especially if we know that the route connecting both peaks. The trail is called "Gubałówka Szlak Papieski", and it is incredibly charming.

Way back

Unique, full of attractions, extremely trendy - this is Gubalowka how we know it. The walking route is a chance to get many pleasant feelings. However, since we went one way on foot, allow us to go the other way on a bike. Sounds interesting, right? is located on Gubalowka, which offers bike rental and different routes with diverse levels of difficulty to choose from. We can always drop off the equipment at Krupowki street, which is a very convenient solution.

A bike trip is a fantastic idea to spend time together with your kids. You can show them the wonderful world of mountains and encourage them to be active, that is so important. While traveling the route, we enjoy the vista that it offers from another perspective. We get to know new, previously unknown places, and what is essential - we have a great time.

You pick up the equipment at bike rental, and it is located on top of Gubalowka mountain and the drop of which is our office, is in the center of Zakopane:


    ul. Droga Zubka 40 (Gubalowka)

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    ul. Nowotarska 27B (City-Center / Mountain Concierge)

You rent a bike on the top of Gubalowka mountain. After finishing your adventure, you comfortably leave it in the center of Zakopane. is the # 1 attraction for summer in Zakopane - you will discover Zakopane that you didn't know so far!