Activity NR 1
for summer 2020
in Zakopane, 02.03.2020

How it's working?

Gubałówka Mountain

See you at our place

Bicycle or a scooter?

You choose what you want to ride

Mega fun and adventure

Downhill ride to Zakopane along the chosen route

Krupówki (city centre)

You return the equipment right in the city center

Do you want to take the cable car to Gubałówka?
If you have to use the PKL Gubałówka cable car - buy a ticket only up, you will go down by scooter or by bike.
But the best, fastest option without queues and an additional attraction is entering Gubałówka via the Szymaszkowa ski lift .
You can also leave your car there and return to pick it up after the attractions - just a 1.5 km walk.

See us in action

Play the video to see unique routes
for downhill by electric bike, mountain bike
and also with mountain scooters!

Reservation and availability

Choose and book conveniently ONLINE - guarantee of seats and the lowest price


GUBAŁÓWKA - Droga Zubka 44


KRUPÓWKI - Mountain, Nowotarska 27b