Our rental companies operate throughout Zakopane - Kościelisko, Gubałówka, Krzeptówki, Krupówki, Centrum. At this point, we wait for you from 10-19 every day:

  1. at Butorowy Wierch ul. Butorów 5 - the western part of Gubałówka
  2. at the top of Gubałówka, right after leaving the PKL train, on the observation deck - this point is served
  3. at Górne Krupówki 71-73 - next to the STEAK restaurant at the Summer ZABAWA playground
  4. on Krzeptówki Boczne 6, next to the Tatra House guesthouse

We marked our points with blue BIKE RENTAL / GIANT flags. Here you can pick up bikes, but remember, you can return them at another point.