Routes from Gubalowka Mountain

We have many routes for you to choose - each from Gubalowka mountain to Krupowki street.

Bicycle routes for tourists - are not only for cyclists but for everyone who loves mountains and likes to spend time actively in Zakopane:
- the routes designed for amateurs, for tourists for ordinary people
- you only need to know how to ride a bike
- the routes lead through forest and field roads and mountain trails, sometimes asphalt or pavement
- the vast majority of the track length of routes lead downhill

1-hour ROUTE- MOUNTAIN SCOOTER or MOUNTAIN BIKE - 95% is a downhill ride
3-hour recreational ROUTE - MOUNTAIN BIKE - 80% is a downhill ride
4-6-hour adventure ROUTE - MOUNTAIN BIKE + ELECTRIC BIKE 60% is a downhill ride

We emphasize that the routes designed for amateurs, for tourists:
- it is not a real downhill, i.e., mountain routes that require skill and great courage
- our routes require only the ability to ride a bike, the same ability as when driving in the woods in suburban areas where you live
- the routes lead along forest, field and mountain roads - they are covered with stones, roots and often puddles after rainfall
- the vast majority of the track length of routes lead downhill

For children up to 9 years of age, we suggest a 1-hour route. We know that the 3-hour route is too difficult because it runs on off-road routes, which is difficult for children. For children up to 6 years of age, we recommend a child seat or baby stroller.